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Responsible digital

Technological sustainability
The construction of our technological devices contributes to climate change by using finite ressources. For example smartphones are made up of 70 materials with more than 50 of them being metals. The majority of these ressources are not reusable or currently not recyced. Today, there are more than 12 billion computers and smartphones. Think about the damages caused. Furthermore, 180 millions internet searches are done every hour which consume as much CO2 as 344 Paris/New York round trips. Our digital habits are damaging the planet. Easy solutions can be adopted every day : First of all, you should turn off your technological devices when you’re not using them. Then, instead of buying a new phone every year, keep it and repare it. If the damages are too serious, recycle it and look for another one which is second-hand. You can also download your videos, it consumes less CO2 than streaming.